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Losing air conditioning on a hot California day is miserable, and when it happens to you, you can’t get your AC fixed fast enough. At Comfort Experts Heating & Air Conditioning, you can count on us to provide you with expert AC repair in Modesto, Oakdale, and neighboring cities. Our skilled air conditioning technicians offer prompt repair and maintenance services for all kinds of residential air conditioning equipment so you can get back to feeling comfortable quickly.

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When to Call for AC Repair

When your air conditioner suddenly stops working in the middle of a heatwave, it’s obviously time to call a professional for repairs. However, there are other signs that can indicate the need for an inspection and repair that appear long before a complete AC breakdown. If you aren’t sure whether your air conditioner is working at peak performance, we recommend scheduling an appointment. We provide AC repair and maintenance to solve any problem.

Signs you need your air conditioner repaired:

  • AC blowing warm air - The air coming out of your vents needs to be at least 15-20 degrees cooler than the air inside your home in order to be able to effectively cool it. If the air coming out of your vents feels warm, try changing your air filter. If that is not the cause, you may have a Freon or refrigerant leak.
  • Strange sounds coming from AC system - If you hear loud grinding or banging noises when your AC compressor kicks on, it's a clear indication that something is wrong with the system. It's important to have a professional take a look to prevent additional damage from occurring.
  • Spike in your utility bill - If your energy bill is much higher than normal, your air conditioner may not be operating as efficiently as it should be. If there has been a recent fire nearby, make sure you change out your air filter to rule out a clogged filter as the culprit. If that is not the issue, be sure to call Comfort Experts Heating & Air Conditioning for service.

When our technicians arrive at your home, we start by inspecting your air conditioning system to get to the bottom of the issue and get it fixed quickly. We have same-day appointments available, so you won’t be left waiting in the heat.

What Counts As An AC Emergency?

Although not every air conditioning problem is considered an emergency, it is important to know when to call an HVAC professional for same day help.

The most common AC emergencies include:

  • Loss of cooling – If your air conditioner has stopped cooling completely, this is likely an emergency situation. During the hot summer months when the temperature is above 90 degrees, you will need a professional to come out and diagnose the issue right away.
  • Refrigerant leaks – If you notice any signs of refrigerant leaks, such as a hissing noise or frost on the evaporator coils, this is an emergency situation and you should call for help immediately.
  • Electrical problems – If your air conditioner’s blower motor stops working, or you notice sparks or burning smells coming from the unit, these can be indications of electrical problems that require urgent attention.
If you notice any of these issues, contact our professional emergency plumbers as soon as possible!

How Much Do AC Repairs Cost?

It is common to be concerned about the cost of the repair, but don’t let worries about the price keep you from calling for service. We offer upfront pricing for AC repair in Modesto. The cost of the repair varies, depending on the reason for the malfunction and the type of replacement parts needed for your system, but the average is about $316.

The price for common AC repairs includes:

  • Compressor replacement - $1,350 - $1,800
  • Detecting and repairing a refrigerant leak - $225 - $1,600
  • Evaporator coil replacement - $90 - $400

After we have inspected your air conditioning system to identify the source of the trouble, we will explain what we found and provide a free estimate for the cost of your repair. We have flat-rate pricing with no overtime charges. The price you are quoted is the price you will pay for your air conditioner repair.

Why Is My AC Freezing Up?

One of the most common causes of an AC freezing up is low refrigerant levels. Low refrigerant can cause the evaporator coil to become too cold and freeze, blocking air flow. If a system runs out of refrigerant, it needs to be professionally recharged.

In some cases, a dirty filter may be responsible for your AC freezing up. Air filters prevent dirt, dust, and other debris from entering your system, circulating and eventually clogging the coil. A dirty filter can also restrict air flow to the evaporator coils, causing them to become too cold for proper operation. Make sure to check and clean or replace air filters regularly according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Problems with the condensate drain can also cause an AC to freeze up. If the condensate drain becomes clogged, water can start to accumulate and freeze around the evaporator coil. The ice buildup will eventually reduce airflow, causing the system to malfunction. Make sure to check your condensate drain regularly and clear away any blockages.

A compressor malfunction can also cause an AC to freeze up. The compressor is responsible for pressurizing and cooling refrigerant as it circulates through the system. If the compressor fails, it won't be able to provide adequate cooling and will cause the coils to become too cold, blocking airflow. A faulty compressor needs to be professionally repaired or replaced.

If your AC is freezing up, it's best to call our professional HVAC technicians. We can diagnose the problem and determine the most appropriate solution for your situation.

The Importance of Professional AC Maintenance

Your air conditioning system plays a vital role in keeping your home comfortable, especially during the hot months. However, like any mechanical system, it requires regular maintenance to operate efficiently and effectively.

The benefits of professional air conditioner maintenance includes:

  • Improved Energy Efficiency: Regular AC maintenance ensures that your system is running at its peak efficiency. A well-maintained AC unit requires less energy to cool your home, leading to lower energy bills and reduced energy consumption. Over time, the savings can add up significantly.
  • Prolonged System Lifespan: AC systems that receive regular maintenance tend to have longer lifespans. By addressing minor issues and preventing major breakdowns, you can avoid the expense of premature AC replacements and enjoy reliable cooling for years to come.
  • Enhanced Performance: Routine maintenance involves cleaning and tuning various components of your AC system. Clean coils, well-lubricated parts, and properly calibrated settings result in optimal performance. You'll experience more consistent cooling, improved airflow, and a more comfortable indoor environment.
  • Prevent Costly Breakdowns: Small problems can escalate into major issues if left unchecked. Regular maintenance allows HVAC technicians to identify and address potential problems before they lead to expensive breakdowns. This proactive approach saves you from the inconvenience and unexpected expenses of emergency repairs.
  • Better Indoor Air Quality: A clean and well-maintained AC system filters and circulates air more effectively, leading to improved indoor air quality. Regular maintenance includes cleaning or replacing air filters, which helps remove dust, allergens, and pollutants from the air you breathe.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your AC system is in good working condition provides peace of mind. You can enjoy the cooling comfort of your home without worrying about unexpected breakdowns or soaring energy bills.

At Comfort Experts Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer comprehensive AC maintenance services designed to keep your system running at its best. Our experienced technicians perform thorough inspections, clean essential components, and address any issues to ensure your AC is ready to tackle the demands of every season.

Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance & Yearly AC Tune Ups

Professional maintenance is important to keep your air conditioning system operating at peak efficiency. Our maintenance service is designed to help improve performance, increase energy efficiency, lower your home cooling costs, prevent expensive breakdowns, and prolong the life of your air conditioning equipment.

We recommend scheduling your maintenance visit before the start of the cooling season. Our Comfort Club members receive quality heating and air conditioning maintenance services and much more. Club membership offers additional benefits, such as discounts on repairs, exclusive perks, and other free services.

Contact Comfort Experts Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule your Modesto AC repair or maintenance appointment.

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