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Comfort Experts Heating & Air Conditioning provides everything you need to keep your home warm and comfortable all winter, every winter. Our locally owned and operated company has provided heater repair in Modesto, Oakdale, and surrounding areas for more than 15 years. During that time, we have worked on just about everything out there. Our technicians have the knowledge and expertise needed to service any kind of residential heating system.

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What are the Signs Your Heater Needs to Be Repaired?

If your heating system has failed or is not producing enough hot air, you need an HVAC contractor you can trust to provide a cost-effective repair. We offer Modesto heater repair and maintenance to make any needed adjustments, improvements, or repairs needed to make sure your home is safe and warm this winter.

Signs you need to schedule heater repair:
  • Lack of warm air - if the air coming out of your vents is cold rather than hot, something is likely wrong with your heating system. Check to make sure no breakers have tripped, and give us a call if that is not the issue.
  • Uneven heating throughout the house - if your home has cold patches, your heater may not be properly sized to adequately heat your home.
  • Unusual sounds or smells coming from the system - any loud clanging, banging, or grinding noises while running your heater are a sure sign that something isn't quite right. Call Comfort Experts Heating & Air Conditioning straight away
  • A yellow or flickering pilot light - pilot lights should burn blue when properly functioning.
  • Increased utility bills - it is normal for utilities to increase as you begin to use your heater more frequently, but if there is a sudden spike that is outside of the range of normal, be sure to schedule a heater repair service so we can perform a diagnostic and uncover the root of this problem.

When something goes wrong with your heating system, we have you covered. Our technicians arrive in fully stocked service vans that are rolling warehouses with a variety of parts and the tools needed to diagnose and repair most problems in one visit to your home.

We offer same-day appointments and 24-hour emergency heating repair services, 7 days a week to resolve unexpected malfunctions and get you back to normal as quickly as we possibly can.

We can also replace your system if it is the more cost effective option for your situation.

Why Is Your Heater Not Turning On?

If your heater is not turning on, there could be several reasons for this issue. Here are some common troubleshooting steps to help you identify and possibly resolve the problem:

  1. Thermostat Settings: Check the thermostat settings to ensure that the temperature is set higher than the current room temperature. Sometimes, an accidental change in settings can prevent the heater from turning on.

  2. Power Supply: Make sure the heater is receiving power. Check for blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers in your electrical panel. If a fuse is blown or a circuit breaker is tripped, replace the fuse or reset the breaker.

  3. Pilot Light (for Gas Heaters): If you have a gas heater, check the pilot light. If it's out, relight it according to the manufacturer's instructions. If the pilot light won't stay lit, there may be an issue with the thermocouple, gas supply, or other components that require professional attention.

  4. Ignition System (for Electronic Ignition): For heaters with electronic ignition systems, check if the ignition system is functioning properly. If it's faulty, you may need to call a professional for repair or replacement.

  5. Gas Supply (for Gas Heaters): Ensure that the gas supply to the heater is turned on. If the gas supply is interrupted, the heater won't function.

  6. Clogged Air Filter: A clogged air filter can restrict airflow, causing the heater to overheat and shut off. Check and replace the air filter if it's dirty.

  7. Blocked Vents or Registers: Ensure that vents and registers are not blocked by furniture or other objects. Blocked airflow can affect the performance of the heating system.

  8. Faulty Thermostat: If the thermostat is malfunctioning, it may not be sending the signal to the heater to turn on. Test the thermostat by setting it to a higher temperature and listening for a click that indicates the switch has engaged.

  9. Safety Switches: Some heaters have safety switches that can shut down the system if a safety issue is detected. Check the user manual for your heater to see if there are any safety features that might be causing the shutdown.

If you've checked these common issues and your heater still won't turn on, it's recommended to contact a professional HVAC technician for further diagnosis and repair. Working with gas or electrical systems requires expertise to ensure safety and proper resolution of the problem.

Reduce Unexpected Breakdowns with Preventive Heater Maintenance

Lack of maintenance is responsible for many repair issues. Scheduling a professional tune-up prior to the heating season is important for keeping your home warm during the winter and saves you money.

The many advantages of a well-maintained heating system far outweigh the affordable cost of professional maintenance from Comfort Experts Heating & Air Conditioning.

Regular professional maintenance helps to ensure:
  • Peak efficiency
  • Lower home heating costs
  • Fewer breakdowns
  • Prolonged equipment life
  • Protection from carbon monoxide emissions

Our well-trained and experienced team of Modesto heater maintenance technicians will perform a careful inspection of your heating system to identify any problems.

Maintenance service includes a variety of steps to clean, lubricate, and make any small adjustments that are needed to keep your system running at peak efficiency for the winter.

Comfort Club Membership Benefits

Our Comfort Club maintenance service has been developed to optimize central heating system efficiency, reliability, and performance. In addition to reliable maintenance service for your central heating system, Comfort Club members enjoy a variety of other exclusive perks, free services, priority service, and discounted repairs.

When we visit your home for heater repair in Modesto, you can rest assured that you will experience the highest standard of professional workmanship and customer service. Since our company was established in 2006, we have remained committed to our core values of trustworthy, professional service and honest, upfront pricing.

Contact us at (209) 222-2779 to make an appointment for heater repair in Oakdale, Modesto, or any of the surrounding communities.

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