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How to Control Humidity in Your Home

4 Tips for Indoor Humidity Control

Did you know that doing everyday activities at home like cooking, taking a shower, washing clothes, running bath water, drying clothes, and more add moisture to the air? If your home feels too “wet,” or too humid, a combination of these activities may be the cause.

A good range for indoor humidity is around 30-50% in order to feel comfortable. Anything above that can certainly cause your skin to feel moist and uncomfortable. The good news is that you can control humidity in your home and get rid of sticky or moist air that leads to mold, mildew, and bacteria growth that causes sickness. Here’s what you can do to combat excessive humidity.

1. Turn Down the AC

Lower the temperature on your air conditioner to turn up the cold and reduce the amount of humidity inside your home. Not only will this leave you feeling cool on days when it’s warm outside, but you’ll also lower the chances of mold growth in places like your bathroom or laundry room. Change the filter on your air conditioner often to keep it working at its best and for a longer lifespan.

2. Search for Water Leaks

If you’re already aware of our first tip, but still have issues with high levels of humidity, there may be a water leak inside your home. Search for leaking pipes under the kitchen sink, under the bathroom sink, around your washing machine, or even your refrigerator if it’s connected to a water line.

3. Cover Pots While Cooking

Who knew that cooking could cause humidity? The next time you cook your favorite dish, cover your pots to trap the steam that would release into the air from boiling sauces and water. Turn on the fan above your stove to get rid of some of the steam and also blow away some of the heat from the stove.

4. Install a Dehumidifier and Maintain Your AC

If none of these tips have worked for you in the past or you tried them and they didn’t work, we suggest installing a whole-house dehumidifier or calling an expert to repair your air conditioner. Your air conditioner may not be putting out air that’s cold enough to combat humidity. Our team at Comfort Experts Heating & Air Conditioning can install, maintain, or even repair your air conditioner so you can be comfortable at home again!


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