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Strange Heater Sounds and What They Mean

What Sounds Can a Heater Make and What Causes Them?

Like most homeowners, you may give little thought to your heater's sounds. But if your heater makes strange or unfamiliar noises, it could signify something is wrong.

Knowing what sounds your heater makes and why can help you troubleshoot minor issues and determine when it’s time to call an HVAC professional. Let’s dive into the sounds a heater can make and their causes.

Humming or Buzzing Noise

It could mean several things if you hear humming or buzzing from your heater. It could simply be a fan running at normal speed—this would be normal if the heat has been turned on recently.

However, if the sound persists for longer than usual, it could obstruct the fan blades. In this case, you should turn off your system before cleaning out any debris that may have accumulated in the fan blades. If cleaning does not solve the problem, it is best to contact an HVAC professional for further assistance.

Screeching or Squealing Noise

Another common noise produced by heaters is screeching or squealing. This usually means something is wrong with one of the internal components of the heating system, such as a worn belt or bearing. To prevent further damage to these delicate parts, it is important to shut down your system and consult a licensed technician as soon as possible to diagnose and repair any underlying issues with your system’s parts or components.

Clanging or Banging Noise

Suppose you hear loud clanging or banging noises from your heater. In that case, this could indicate a more serious issue with the unit, such as loose fittings in the ductwork or a malfunctioning pressure switch valve inside the furnace.

A technician can diagnose the cause of these noises to ensure that all proper safety precautions are met while repairs are being made and that no additional damage occurs due to prolonged use of your faulty equipment.

Comfort Experts Heating & Air Conditioning Can Diagnose Heater Noises

No matter what kind of noise you notice coming from your home's heating system, an experienced HVAC professional, like a technician from our team at Comfort Experts Heating & Air Conditioning, can inspect it for you. Even minor issues can quickly become major ones if left unchecked—and major issues can create costly repairs if they aren't addressed promptly by someone who knows what they're doing!

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