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Traveler’s Guide to Coming Home to a Cool House

After a long and exciting trip, there is nothing like coming home to your space. However, returning home after traveling can sometimes come with the unwelcome surprise of a hot and stuffy house. This can be incredibly frustrating if you are jetlagged or exhausted from your journey. But fear not; with a little preparation and some simple tips, you can ensure that your home is cool and welcoming when you walk through the door.

1. Adjust Your Thermostat Before You Leave:

One of the most effective ways to come home to a cool house is to adjust your thermostat before you leave for your trip. If you have a programmable thermostat, set it to a higher temperature during the summer months or a lower temperature during the winter months while you are away. This will help keep your energy bills down while ensuring that your home is at a comfortable temperature when you return.

2. Use Smart Home Technology:

If you have smart home devices, such as smart thermostats or smart plugs, take advantage of them before and during your trip. These devices allow you to remotely control your home's temperature to adjust it before returning home. Some smart thermostats even have geofencing capabilities that detect when you are on your way back and start cooling or heating your house accordingly.

3. Close Blinds and Curtains:

Another simple yet effective way to keep your house cool while away is to close blinds and curtains before leaving. This helps block out sunlight and heat from entering your home, keeping it cooler inside if you have blackout curtains; even better! They provide extra insulation against heat penetration.

4. Use Fans or Air Purifiers:

Before leaving for your trip, consider using fans or air purifiers in strategic locations throughout your home. Fans help circulate air and create airflow, which can help keep rooms cooler. Air purifiers improve air quality and help maintain a fresh atmosphere in the house while you're away.

5. Consider Installing a Smart AC System:

For those who travel frequently or want ultimate control over their home's temperature remotely, installing a smart AC system might be worth considering. These systems allow you to monitor and adjust your home's temperature from anywhere using a smartphone app. Some systems even offer features like scheduling cooling cycles based on occupancy patterns.

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